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Keratin Complex

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About Keratin Complex

Keratin Complex brings you an alternative to salon straightening. Created by master stylists, Keratin Complex

Was created to offer an alternative to toxic straightening treatments. In 2007 the Keratin Complex Brand was launched with its very first product, Smoothing Therapy, a product that promised to enhance your hair’s smoothness, shine and strength using natural keratin proteins. This was the birth of healthy and safe straightening for enhanced results.

Keratin Complex the brand has continued to create new products to add to their line. Their line includes shampoos, conditioners and styling aids that are all safe and enhanced with keratin to create smooth and beautiful hair. All their products are safe to be used by those with color treated hair. They even have a line for those with blonde hair. All the products in the Keratin Complex hair care line are infused with proteins to create healthy, strong and absolutely smooth hair.

Keratin Complex has been awarded best shampoo and conditioner for dry hair. They maintain their promise to give you healthy hair, no matter how damaged, how dry or how frizzy and rebellious you hair may be. Keratin Complex is the brand that brought the smooth back to everyday hairstyles. It is the brand that began the keratin revolution.