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Keraskin Esthetics

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About Keraskin Esthetics

What’s the secret of real beauty? It’s years of science and innovation where art and technology meet and teach us to balance the nutrients in our skin, for the most healthy, supple, glowing skin that calls out to be touched.

Keraskin Esthetics knows both the artistry and the science behind skincare. They are the first professional skincare brand that was not only designed by beauty therapists, but also made for beauty therapists. Backed by L’Oreal’s advanced research teams, they joined forces with some of the most prominent skincare professions of the time and created the renowned Keraskin Esthetic.

Today, no longer only the luxury of beauty spa professionals, these products are now available for everyone. So you can indulge in products like the Hydro Scrub, an exfoliating complex for soft, open pores that are ready to receive hydrating treatments like their Aqua-Lipidium Lait, a deeply nourishing body milk, and the Blanc Morphose Whitening Cosmetic Water that invokes the power of Vitamin C, for bright, supple skin with a youthful glow.

Among their top rated products is the Vita-Xylane, a regenerating cream for mature skin that brings out the natural beauty of every woman with the revolutionary ingredient, Proxylane, for firm, supple skin. When used in conjunction with their other age-defying products, like the Keraskin Instant Filler, wrinkles and dull, lifeless skin become a thing of the past.

True beauty comes from within. But only skin at its finest can properly display the touchable, visual, palpable beauty that lies beneath. With Keraskin Esthetics you can bring beauty alive.