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Institut Karite Paris

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About Institut Karite Paris

Institut Karite Paris was created in 2004, making headway in the haircare industry for being the first brand to create hair care products enriched with shea butter for skin, face, hair, nails and body. The brand creates beautifully packaged, extra gentle bath and body products that help maintain your skin healthy, beautiful and absolutely smooth. Their ground breaking emphasis on one single ingredient set them apart all other brands, and it also made them succeed above all others.

Institut Karité believed in the protective and nourishing benefits of Shea. They knew this one ingredient had the power to cleanse, moisturize, soothe and enhance skin and hair; and do so gently enough to be used by even those with the most sensitive skin.

Today the brand continues to explore and expand the power of Shea Butter in treatments and maximize the use of this beneficial ingredient with diverse textures.