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About Farouk

Farouk Systems USA is a world-renowned hair care manufacturer known for its top selling brands, CHI and Biosilk. Based in Houston, Texas the hair care giant manufactures high quality hair care products that are reasonably priced. Founded in 1986, by Farouk Shami, the manufacturing brand is synonymous with healthy, strong and beautiful hair. They not only create the very best hair care products made with top quality ingredients, but also top quality hair styling tools. The ideals of the company are to maintain the integrity of your hair and give you the hair you deserve. All their products are made free of parabens and sulfates to maintain your hair’s moisture, color and texture. Their laboratories integrate the latest technology into their products, infusing their hair care with essential oils, natural keratin and protein silks.  If healthy, silky, and luxurious hair is what you are seeking, Farouk products are definitely for you. Used in salons throughout the world, their hair care line yields true results for their clients. What does the brand promise? Healthy, silky, shiny hair that is protected from heat styling damage and environmental aggressors. The company’s code of ethics is focused on creating real products at reasonable process for the every day consumer. Farouk is a family owned and run company that stays true to its roots, hair care and styling that offers health and beauty at a reasonable price.