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About Fanola

Fanola the brand is an Italian Hair Care brand that specializes in color treated hair products. Brought to life by professional hairstylists, Fanola started as a hair color line. Their colors were bright, full of reflective shine and multi-dimensional. The brand was instantly put on the map for its pink, purple and silver hues. Soon a favorite color line to be used by salon owners and stylists, Fanola began to expand their product line. Next on their radar was creating the perfect shampoo for those with color treated hair. Their goal was to create a shampoo that could be used as a treatment to both help tone the hair and neutralize yellow, brassy and orange tones. The results were their top selling No Yellow and No Orange Treatment Shampoos. These amazing shampoo treatments help to neutralize unwanted hues from your hair with specialized blue and purple pigments. They can also be used as toners and pre-color treatments to attain the perfect color faster without having to struggle through that awkward stage where hair tends to turn orange, red and yellow. Fanbola currently offers an array of hair care products ranging from after color shampoos and conditioners to their amazing Nutri Care reconstructive line. The Fanola promise is to provide stylists and clients the very best tools to create healthy and vivid hair color that stands out. This is a brand that truly pushes the boundaries of what hair color can be.