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Elizabeth Arden

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About Elizabeth Arden

Elizabeth Arden has been a leading women’s brand since 1910 when she opened her first Spa on Fifth Avenue, New York City. The spa was the perfect setting to create the brand’s world-renowned skin care and women's perfumes. It was a place where women went to relax and be pampered and share their skincare needs with the Arden Skin Specialists.  

The Arden brand is all about women, it has been an advocate for women’s rights since its beginnings, and created endless educational and vocational programs to help women find their calling in the business world. The brand is involved in cancer awareness and education, creating a campaign the helps encourage cancer survivors to re-empower themselves with makeovers for a new beginning.

Arden is a brand of power and direction for women. The holistic and natural approach the take when creating their skin care, makeup and fragrances has made them a leader in the beauty industry. Arden is a brand for real women, with real dreams.