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About Davines

Davines is an Italian Haircare line that has quickly taken the Haircare world by storm. Identified by their simplistic and Earth-friendly packaging, the brand creates luxury Haircare products that heal, restore and enhance your hair’s natural beauty. Davines laboratories focus on creating haircare products that utilize plant extracts and essential oils to create healthy hair from the inside out. True to “Italian” form, the brand believes your hair should be free flowing, full of vitality and absolutely alluring. The brand has created a vast array of shampoos, conditioners, hair treatments and styling aids that address endless hair concerns and all naturally enhanced. Davines hair is healthy, full of shine and absolutely beautiful. Their top selling Nounou shampoo and conditioner has already won countless awards for restores damaged and chemically treated hair back to life, enhancing shine and smoothness. Whether you have colored hair, fine hair, curly hair, frizzy hair or even severly-damaged hair, Davines has the perfect Haircare product for you. Believe in the possibilities for your hair. Davines makes healthy hair possible for everyone. Beautiful hair made simple, Davines.