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About Davidoff

Davidoff was founded by Zino Davidoff a Swiss-Ukrainian entrepreneur who sought to create a brand of distinctive leather good, jewelry and fragrances. Having traveled throughout the US in his early years he was inspired by simplicity and strength. He believed that there was a demand for goods that were created for utility and everyday life, with a flair of adventure; not just luxury.

Today the Davidoff brand maintains its emphasis on producing quality goods that bring people closer to adventure and utility. Their fragrances are top sellers throughout the world for their distinctive ingredients and quality. They make fragrances for men that are centered around the earthy notes and women’s perfumes that are accented by floral notes, simple and true as embodied within the simple and clean perfume bottles they design for each fragrance.

Davidoff Fragrances are inspired by world travel. Each fragrance takes you away to a secluded location where you and the world are one. Each scent is an escape from the ordinary and a ticket to adventure. Men’s fragrances embody a perfect mixture of woody and spicy notes mixed with florals and natural oils. Women’s fragrances are formulated with romantic blends of floral and fruity notes that come together to create alluring and unforgettable scents.

Davidoff is the brand for those who enjoy life, adventure and absolute uniqueness of style.