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Color Wow

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About Color Wow

Color Wow is part of the John Frieda family of Haircare. This amazing line is created specifically for the needs of color treated hair. Having an extensive understanding of how color treated hair reacts to certain compounds, the Color Wow specialists and master stylists have created a range of Haircare products that only help to keep your hair healthy between color applications, but also maintain your hair color vibrant and true to color. Their breakthrough product is the Color Wow Root Touch Up. This revolutionary mineral powder allows you to maintain your color fresh and growth free between color applications. This means more time between salon visits, less damage to your hair and most importantly perfect hair every day free of grays, growth and dulling. Along with the Root Touch Up, Color Wow also offers a variety of styling aids that help maintain your hair full of shine and protected from heat, as well as a moisturizing and color protecting shampoo and conditioner. This brand is all preserving your hair color, hair health and overall beauty.