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About Clinique

Clinique is the brainchild of Dermatologist Dr. Norman Orentreich, who back in 1967 introduced the idea of the “Skincare System” to Vogue magazine editor Carol Phillips. His idea was to create a simple routine that can be used by everyone to create and maintain healthy skin. At the time, the idea of a skin care routine was absolutely novel, however it quickly became a phenomenon that took over the world.

From this idea of “simple skin care” the 3-Step Skin Care System was born. Dr. Orentreich created three simple and very affordable products that when used together would help enhance and maintain healthy skin. This system consisted of a Soap Cleanser, a Toner and a Moisturizer. It was simple, easy and most importantly affordable. Within a year of creating his 3-Step System Clinique the brand was born.

Clinique has ever since been a brand identified for skin care that is created by dermatologists for healthy skin. Their products address a variety of skin care needs and deliver results. Clinique was the first brand to recognize that skin care for men had to be different from that created for women. They introduced their men’s skin care in line 1976, being the first ever skin care company to venture into men’s skin care.

Clinique products are created with attention to quality and ingredients. All products are dermatologist tested and proven to deliver results. With a wide variety of skin care, cosmetics and fragrances; this is a world-renowned brand that has stood the test of time. Clinique Skin is healthy, youthful and beautiful skin, made simple.