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Christian Dior

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About Christian Dior

The House of Christian Dior is a brand that has long been identified with couture style and elegance. Dior is one of the oldest couture houses in France, started by Christian Dior himself in 1946. Known for having put women in the tailored suit, this brand has long been identified as an empowering line, it is not for the frail at heart.

Dior style is beautiful, graceful, alluring and absolutely evolving. Dior fashion, fragrances and makeup are known throughout the world for their high quality and contemporary style. Dior the brand stays “in vogue” with the current trends, moods and nuances of all that is beauty.

Their fragrances are favorites of royalty and celebrities such as Charlize Theron and Natalie Portman, who have become icons for the brand. A Dior fragrance is a fragrance that takes to you away and wraps you in absolute romance. There is a fragrance for everyone; young and old, playful and serious. A Dior perfume is beautiful, unique and alluring.

Dior Makeup is currently a top seller worldwide. Dior Makeup Artists are always in the know of the current trends, hottest colors and newest technologies to keep your skin beautiful. Each piece is created with the finest ingredients that deliver high pigment and maintain your skin healthy.

A Dior woman is a woman that is to be seen, loved and absolutely remembered.