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About Caudalie

Caudalie was founded by Mathilde and Bertrand Thomas, a husband and wife who found inspiration within their home vineyards in Bordeaux, France. Mathilde and Bertrand discovered the hidden nutrients in their vineyards. They created and patented a process by which to extract stabilizing grade seed polyphenols from the grape vines and use this natural compound to create natural skin care products that boost your skin’s natural youth. One of their first products was a simple facialmoisturizer, which combined the strength of grape seed with other natural ingredients to create perfectly healthy and balanced skin. They received such wonderful feedback from this one product that they decided to continue with an entire skin care line enriched with their vineyards natural resources.

Caudalie is established with the idea that you should not have to choose between using natural skin care or effective skin care. Caudalie the brand brings you products that are derived from nature to enhance your skin without using harsh chemicals or creating irritation.

Caudalie follows a natural way of life, where we learn fro our environment and live in unison with our Earth. All Caudalie products are created paraben free, mineral free, and free of animal derived raw materials. Caudalie does not test on animals or use packaging that is hard to recycle.

Caudalie the brand is devoted to natural beauty, a healthy way of life and a youthful experience that is one with our world.