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About Blowpro

Blowpro is a revolutionary company that started the “Blowdry Bar” movement within the United States. In 2005, the world’s very first blow dry bar opened in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District. It was a salon created for one thing and one thing only, to dry your hair quickly and create beautiful hairstyles that last.  This salon quickly built a cult following of blowout-obsessed women who appreciated the idea of getting a quick and transformative blowout without the long wait at the salon.

Blowpro stylists are experts of all that is beautiful hair. They know what it takes to create styles that look and enhance your hair. They have taken this knowledge and created a customized Hair Care collection to help create beautiful style. Each and every Blowpro product is created with the “end result” in mind.

Blowpro products help to maintain your hair healthy and beautiful, making it easy to style and maintain from a day-to-day basis. Ingredients used within these products help to enhance manageability and protect your hair from heat styling. Blowpro hair is all about beauty, health and ease of style. For this very reason it has become a favorite of thousands throughout the world.

There are many copycat brands out there currently who have joined the “blowdry” bandwagon, however none of them can promise the results that Blowpro helps you achieve. Blowpro Haircare products do exactly what they promise and always leave you satisfied and coming back for more.