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About Biotherm

Biotherm is a luxury French skin care line that has created their products with one basic foundation, enriching their skincare with mineral water. Founded in 1952, the brand helped revolutionize how skin care products were created.  All products are created with the perfect mix biology and thermal hydration.

Biotherm creates healthy and gentle products that maintain your skin's natural functions and respect its integrity. Products are nourishing, soothing and create healthier skin. The brand is currently recognized throughout the world for its quality skin care, everything ranging from anti-aging moisturizers to sunscreen.

Biotherm challenges the rules of beauty and health, by continuing to create skin care that actively works with your skin. They respect the idea that the skin is an organ, and is therefore a living and breathing organism that interacts with any compounds in comes into contact with. Biotherm takes the biology of what it means to have healthy skin seriously, and your skin even more seriously.