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About BioSilk

Welcome to the world of high standards, pride and ethics. Founded in 1986 by Farouk Shami, the Farouck Haircare brands like CHI® and BioSilk® use the most advanced American technology to develop loved and trusted products without the damaging chemicals, known to have negative effects on the hair itself, the hairdresser and the environment as a whole.

After coming to the US on a scholarship, Farouck Shami worked as a part-time hairdresser. His entrepreneur-minded personality quickly had him looking to fill a need with better, safer, more efficient tools, like their groundbreaking ammonia-free haircolor.

The product list brandished by Farouck is impressively long, giving you a wide range of options for professional, quality results you know you can trust. The Miss Universe Style Illuminate by CHI offers the Professional Hair Dryer, using negative ions to break down water, while reducing frizz for a 40 percent faster drying time. The BioSilk Silk Therapy Leave-In Hair Treatment will give you a healthy, balanced scalp while protecting and strengthening your hair, making any style a breeze. Does your hair need a quick pick-me up? Try the BioSilk Volumizing Therapy Texturizing Powder, and perk up any style on the go. The possibilities seem endless.

At Farouck, adherence to a high ethical standard has always been a top priority, and philanthropy begins at the top. Farouk Shami has donated millions to shelters in Houston and was a major donor and organizer in the creation of a research center at the City of Hope to end childhood diabetes.

Farouck Systems Inc is a Houston-based company you can count on to deliver quality products, engineered not only to produce salon-quality hair every time, but also to give hairdressers and users a healthier workplace. Knowledge truly is power for this technologically advanced company, with products now in over 100 different countries.