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Back to Basics

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About Back to Basics

Back to Basics is a Haircare brand that creates healthy haircare products that are fortified with essential oils. Back to Basics hair products are created in pairs. The company strives to make healthy hair simple and therefore they create shampoo and conditioner pairs for every hair concern possible. Back to Basics chemists have found that the best way to restore your hair’s natural health is to maintain its moisture, elasticity and manageability. These three factors alone create beautiful and healthy hair. Each shampoo and conditioner is infused with essential oils from plants and fruit extracts that help to maintain your hair’s health by preserving its moisture, protecting and boosting elasticity and creating more manageability for beautiful hairstyles. Whether you are in need of a dry hair remedy, volume boosting solution or daily hair care, back to basics has the shampoo and conditioner for your hair. A Back to Basics shampoo and conditioner is made with the utmost attention to your hair’s integrity, enhanced with nature and formulated to leave your hair feeling and looking beautiful and smelling delicious. Trust your hair to a brand that makes healthy hair easy, Back to Basics, get back to the basics of Haircare!