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About Azzaro

Azzaro was founded by Loris Azzaro, a Sicilian entrepreneur who admired the robust and adventurous spirit he discovered during his travels throughout the states. Azzaro is a brand that identifies itself with Mediterranean style, a luxury brand for those who want to live a lush life that is accented by exploration. Seduction and glamor are an inherent part of the Azzaro brand. The art of life is what gives power to this iconic brand.

In 1977, Azzaro set out to create a line of perfumes for men. Azzaro for Men, the lines first scent, was formulated for the man that was audacious and absolutely boundless. Azzaro creates fragrances that are robust and absolutely charismatic. They utilize ingredients that evoke special memories and emotions, making every moment count. Their women’s fragrances are inspired by style, grace and attraction. The brand strives to create fragrances that envelope the individual into a secret escape, a new world all of their own.

An Azzaro fragrance is a fragrance created to become part of who you are. It enhances your spirit and creates luxury and desire all around you. Known throughout the world for their quality, Azzaro fragrances are a unique and indulgent product for the man and woman that wants to escape into adventure.