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About Avene

Avene is a French skincare brand founded on the idea that hydration is the most important step towards achieving healthy skin.  Avene products are all formulated with one main ingredient, thermal water, direct from the Avene Thermal Springs. Avene chemists have found and proven that thermal water contains soothing and regenerative qualities that are highly beneficial for our skin. They integrate thermal water into each and every Avene product, with the promise that their skincare is not only gentle enough to be used by those with the most sensitive skin, but will also transform any skin type. Each product is created with your skin’s integrity in mind, assuring that every Avene Cream, Avene Cleanser and Avene Anti-Aging product that you use restores your skin’s natural moisture and allows for healthy cell regeneration. Avene skincare products are top sellers throughout Europe where they are widely distributed. They are affordable and made with the highest grade ingredients. Avene is all natural thermal enhanced skincare for truly healthy and youthful skin.