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About Artero

Founded in 1909, Artero began as a small company specializing in scissors, clippers, straightening irons, hair dryers and combs. The company has long strived to offer their clients the very best hair tools, for the ultimate hairstyle. Artero now also produces top selling hair products, ranging from shampoo to heat styling aids. Their products are created with the utmost care to the integrity of ingredients. Each and every ingredient is searched for throughout the globe with one essential idea in mind, hair health potential.

Artero hair care is created to help your hair reach its true health potential. Every shampoo, conditioner, hair treatment and styling product is made to help protect your hair from damage and improve its overall health. Products are formulated with ingredients that help to protect and enhance a variety of hair types. The brand has maintained their standards and continued to strive for high standards and ultimate beauty. Products are priced reasonably with the idea that healthy hair should be accessible to all. Styling aids create ease for both professionals and consumers. Artero is the line for everyday health, glamour and beauty.