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About Ahava

Ahava Deadsea Minerals Laboratories was first opened in 1988 with the objective of better understanding the nourishing, anti aging and protective qualities of minerals found only within the Dead Sea Region. Ahava is dedicated to environmental preservation and creating all natural skincare and cosmetics for healthy skin. They strive to help preserve the Dead Sea Region waters with their patented “Return Process”. After the laboratories use the water’s minerals they filtrate it and return it to the sea region in a clean state where it can continue to be used. Preservation is at the top of this brand’s initiative, as they understand the importance of giving back to the environment that offers them the minerals for all natural skincare. Ahava has created a patented mineral combination called “Dermud”. This formulation is used within all their skincare products. Durmud is created with the perfect synthesis of minerals and water from the Dead Sea Region, a combination that has been proven to purify, protect and nourish skin in a natural manner that wont cause irritation. Ahava has created various educational programs helping to bring awareness of the importance of preserving our Earth’s natural resources. Their message being that we need to give back to the earth that gives so much to us. Ahava skincare is all natural skincare for truly healthy skin. Their laboratories use only natural minerals and essential oils to create the very best skincare there is. Their product lines addresses a variety of skin concerns such as aging skin, dry skin, and sensitive skin. There line of products ranges from bath and body products with some of the best skin moisturizes on the market, to skincare products that enhance your skin natural youth and beauty, a men’s skincare line and mineral makeup. All Ahava products are paraben free, allergy tested, safe to be used by sensitive skin and petroleum free. Ahava does not test on animals. Ahava, a natural skincare line for naturally beautiful skin.