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About Agadir

Agadir hair care was founded by two brothers, Paul and Archie Bogosian, in the early 1960s. These two experienced stylists both owned their own beauty salon in New York and found that there was no hair care line that truly helped to remedy trouble hair. For this reason they set out to create a hair care line that would help tame even the most rebellious hair types, leaving them beautiful, healthy and manageable.

Paul and Archie Bogosian decided to use the knowledge they had gained in the industry over many years to develop their own high performance line of products to meet the needs of those who had truly unmanageable hair. In 1963 Agadir was born.

Agadir the brand is established with the idea that all hair, no matter how damaged, rebellious, coarse and frizzy can be made smooth and healthy. The brand strives to maintain a simplified product line that creates easy to use products for more manageable hair.

Agadir has found success throughout the world, where endless customers, stylists and salons have recognized the brand as a leader the hair care industry. Agadir is a brand for those who have rebellious hair and want to tame it!